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"Pain is inevitasble, suffering is optional."   Buddha


Jody develops an individual holistic​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ program for each client. 

Her main areas of focus are anxiety, depression, trauma,

persistent pain and chronic medical conditions.


Jody lives a joyful life of wellness even though debilitating injuries,

have challenged her with a persistent pain condition for many years.  

Like many people that have been wounded by trauma, whether physical or emotional,

Jody was confronted with a myriad of obstacles. She was determined to restore

her wellbeing regardless of any prognoses or medical opinion. 

Ultimately, Jody moved forward to a meaningful recovery.


Having walked her own healing path allows Jody uniquely personal

therapeutic insight. She is dedicated to providing non-judgmental, compassionate support using proven techniques in a truly collaborative environment. 


Regardless of life's adversities living a more balanced, productive,

fulfilling and healthy life are achievable goals.


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